Tamara Milosevic holds a Ph.D. in biology, and has done interdisciplinary life science research, as well as educational research, delivered as papers, conference talks and posters. She is a founder and a director of her micro-enterprise (auto-entrepreneur), registered in France as an SME since 2015. As an independent consultant in pedagogical innovation, she specializes in higher education and life- long learning. Her primary activity is helping higher education institutions transform their curricula to meet the needs of the 21st century learners, through student-focused active learning and interdisciplinary project-based learning. Her engagement with teaching teams helps them deliver the training that increases the acquisition of disciplinary and transversal skills of learners, thus helping them meet the needs of the 21st century job market. Her approach consists of advising educational leaders on the choice and variation of online, offline and blended learning modules, pedagogical support to teaching teams to implement experiential learning in their classrooms, as well as support to evaluate the impact of pedagogical innovation and disseminate the results locally and globally, via conferences and articles. In addition, she provides “train the trainers” programs on all levels, creating adapted intensive workshops to train the educators in active learning methods, use of technology in the classroom, alternative assessment methods (self- and peer-evaluations), implementing project-based learning, and designing coherent curricula.