A presentation of 3D models for blind and partially sighted people was held in the Pula amphitheater on December 3rd 2020 as part of the „3D and Virtual Reality Technologies for VET project“. The presentation, led by Assoc. Prof. Sven Maričić, general project manager, was attended by Assoc. Mirjana Radetić-Paić (Vice-Rector for Students, Educational Programs and Cooperation), prof. Marinko Škare (Vice-Rector for Research, Arts and Cooperation), Višnja Radunović Popović (Director of the School of Education), Daniela Panić (Medical School in Pula), Zlatko Kuftić (President of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Istria), Ph.D. Ivona Peternel (Head of the Office for Partnerships and Projects), Ines Pruginić, Jasmin Rami.

The goal of making this 3D model is to help blind and partially sighted people imagine what the Arena actually looks like, then encourage, especially children, to build the model, which will encourage and improve their motor and cognitive development in the long run, all through play and fun. Namely, the puzzle should be arranged following the markings on the top, and since they are marked on the top with different contrasting colors, it will help the visually impaired to match. With the help of colleagues from the profession, the model experienced numerous modifications until the presentation. On the other hand, these puzzles are also good for children who have different special needs – they can help calm and concentrate, which is a very useful and interesting didactic subject for use in preschool institutions and especially vocational schools, but also institutions specializing in working with children. This is just one in a series of interesting products being developed as part of the ERASMUS + PROJECT “3D and Virtual Reality Technologies for VET”, which can help vulnerable groups and the process of raising professional knowledge, skills and tools.

Due to a change in the epidemiological situation, the originally planned presentation of the project at the School of Education had to be moved to another location. Also the originally planned number of people to address the public and present the results had to be significantly reduced. For this reason, the students were introduced in a press statement by the president of the student union, Ines Pruginić. Students who were involved in the activities of making 3D models: Robert Krajačić, Selma Bitić, Manuel Bratović, Ante Bačić, Karlo Polić, Mateo Gregorović, Juraj Vivoda, David Ivanek, Ivan Maretić. Speakers at the presentation: prof. Marinko Škare via video link, Assoc. Mirjana Radetić-Paić, Zlatko Kuftić, Višnja Radunović Popović. The presentation was led by Assoc. Sven Maričić.

A more detailed presentation with all involved schools and experts was announced to the gathered media as soon as more favorable epidemiological conditions were obtained.

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