The Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) is a private and independently funded, international, non-profit research institute. Led by enthusiastic professionals, MedILS strives to create and sustain a top-quality research environment for international and local exceptional scientists. The research interest of MedILS primarily focuses on developing highly original, multidisciplinary approaches designed to provide novel insights into the fundamental concepts of the molecular biology of aging and age-related diseases. As a leading research institution in Croatia, MedILS employs 30 international and Croatian researchers. Research at MedILS is based on the scientific concept and project of Prof. Miroslav Radman with the focus on molecular bases of aging, mutation, cellular death and diseases caused by aging, and the role of cellular communication in health and disease. The primary scientific goal of MedILS is the improvement of public health through the detection and development of targeted prevention of prevalent diseases, new diagnostic methods, and treatment of age-associated diseases, engaging in original biomedical research in the field of the biology of aging and age-associated diseases including carcinoma. The basic concept is that aging is not a disease but the cause of all age-associated diseases.

Apart from research activities, MedILS also organizes various scientific events with the goal of promoting science and the dissemination of new knowledge and research results of the scientists at MedILS, as well as a partner, domestic and international institutions.


MedILS has an experienced management team which currently manages 4 EU projects and 2 privately funded projects. Successful management of the CACAO project will be based on that experience, and in particular on the coordination of PROMISE (Personalized Medicine Inquiry-Based), Erasmus+ project, 2019-1-HR01-KA203-061010.