Industrial Craft School Pula is a vocational, education and training school which educates students between age of 15 and 18 in the field of the electrical, civil and mechanical engineering and shipbuilding industry. School has 180 students, 30 teachers and 15 other staff. All teachers have a university education and many of them have industrial experience as engineers, project managers and supervisors from work in industry and construction.

As a lower vocational secondary school in dual system of education the school gained rich experience with organizing workplaces for its students in industry, companies, services and other organizations in a real work sector. School’s main goal is to provide work-based learning comprising on its long-time experience.

Industrial Craft School Pula offers adult education in vocational curriculums. Adults can acquire a diploma and additional vocation when they are unemployed, to upgrade their knowledge with new skills, competences and knowledge needed in today’s working environment.